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Cooling tower - this is...

The principle of operation.
A cooling tower is a structure for cooling water in circulating water systems.
In industry, cooling towers are used for cooling of refrigeration equipment, machinery-moulders plastics, chemical refining, chemicals for the cooling equipment in order to protect it from rapid destruction under the influence of high temperatures (e.g., cylinders, compressors, industrial furnaces masonry), etc. In civil engineering cooling towers are used when air conditioning, for example, to cool the condensers of refrigeration units, cooling of emergency generators.
The cooling process occurs due to the evaporation of the water when draining it with a thin film or droplets on a special sprinkler, along which the opposite movement of water the direction of air flow (fan coolers). The evaporation of 1 % water, the temperature of the remaining mass is reduced by 5.48 °C.

More detail you can see in this video:


The main types of cooling towers:


Cooling tower type SK-400, SK-1200.

Cooling tower SK-400, SK-1200 - atobatele modification of the round mechanical-draft cooling tower with irrigation area of 400 m2 (SK-400) and 1200 m2 (SK-1200). They widely used in chemical and petrochemical plants.

Cooling towers

Cooling towers are the most effective solution for klagent recycled water from a technical point of view, as it provides a deeper and cooling water, maintaining the large specific heat load.

Compact cooling towers

Compact cooling towers is a ready and economical solution for cooling recycled water in production processes. Advantage of these types of cooling tower is the speed of installation, compactness, easy maintenance.

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