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Environmental security

The company's activities AKVANN directly aimed at protecting the environment and reducing the impact of the production of industrial activities on the environment. Constructed and reconstructed by us to minimize the consumption of the cooling tower industry fresh water and electricity. The application of modern technologies in the field of noise reduction makes it possible to use our towers in the city and in residential areas.

AKVANN company set a goal of continuous improvement of the level of engineering and technologies that cares for environment, achieving internationally recognized standards.
Equipped with advanced systems cooling tower control system, we provide businesses the ability to economize on energy and water, thus increasing the service life of the equipment.
Regarding safety, the company AKVANN recognizes that safe operation of the towers erected by us depends not only on the health of plants and equipment, but also on the skills of our employees. All work is carried out by us safe methods using PPE and compliance TB. And we have introduced automation and control, allow businesses to avoid or minimize the possible risk of accidents and accidents at work, including the operating personnel. All employees and contractors comply with the requirements of the law and other regulations in the field of occupational health, safety and environmental protection in the plant, where the company's operations.
The company's specialists are always ready to make a diagnosis, testing and inspection of cooling towers used at hazardous production facilities. For hazardous production facilities, the company applies the materials and equipment that are Russian or international certificates of industrial safety.
Strict adherence to the requirements of environmental protection and industrial safety, occupational health and the working environment plays a key role in the success of our business.

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