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Manufacturing of metal coated hot dip galvanizing

The company EC AKVANN carries out the manufacture according to client projects galvanized steel structures
for industrial and civil construction. Our experienced designers will be able
to help you make the most appropriate and suitable for you project. We practice individual
the approach to each client, and guarantee you the highest level of services.
Galvanizing involves the coating of metal with zinc for protecting the first against oxidation under the influence of the external environment. Zinc can protect the iron from rust,
which inevitably appear in the course of operation of metal items.
And this protection is not a purely mechanical character, along with iron, zinc forms a galvanic couple, and the result of the interaction of zinc with oxygen provides even greater protection — the zinc forms a surface crust.
Quality control according to the standard GOST ISO 9001:2008.
The fabrication is in strict accordance with the design documentation, state Standards of the Russian Federation and the production.
Manufacture of metal structures both for standard and for custom projects.



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