Compact cooling towers

Block coolers series AKVA is a ready and economical solution for cooling recycled water in production processes.

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• Can be installed in any convenient location.
AKVA cooling towers can be installed anywhere, as they are equipped with a fiberglass pan. Light weight cooling towers to mount them on the roofs of industrial buildings. In the case of the installation of cooling towers on existing basin (bowl), instead of the old cooling towers can be excluded from picking a pallet that will reduce their cost.
• Cool water volumes from 1 m3/hour to 530 m3/h.
There is a large scatter range of performance of one section from 1 to 530 m3/h by using multiple sections in a single water circulation loop, it is possible to achieve different performance of the cooling system.
• Automation and efficiency.
The office towers are fully automated. The control system monitors the temperature of the cooling water and reacting to its changes. As a rule, cooling towers are selected so that they could provide the necessary cooling in the hottest time of the year. Usually 2-3 months of the summer. The rest of the fan motors of the cooling tower is automatically transferred in eco mode, which allows more than 2 times to reduce energy consumption.
• Mobility.
Thoughtful design of the segmented walls allow easy and quick disassembly and Assembly of cooling towers. The presence of pallets allows, if necessary, move them to a new location without disassembly.
• High corrosion resistance.
Segments of the walls of the blocks and the diffuser is made of fiberglass based on polyester resin with the application of gelcoat to prevent surface corrosion. Available inside blocks of metal structures according to customer's choice made of stainless or galvanized steel. The reference fan design made of galvanized steel. All of this ensures long periods of operation without repair.
• Wide color gamut.
A variety of color designs gives you the opportunity to fit a cooling tower in an existing environment.
• Quick installation.
Features the cooling tower structure permit its installation on the prepared installation site in the period from one day to two weeks, depending on the type of cooling towers and their number.
• Ease of maintenance.
The recommended service interval for cooling towers AQUA is 1 year under continuous mode of operation. Maintenance includes routine inspection of the driven equipment, plating cooling tower, cleaning the catchment of the reservoir, if necessary, the system of water allocation. Additional maintenance is not required. Delivery of spare parts that are out of order is 1-2 weeks.
The performance parameters of cooling towers of the series AKVA.рня (модель)

Hydraulic load, m3/h

Heat Load, kW


1-10 До 110


8-25 До 200


24-60 До 450


40-100 До 800


60-160 До 1250


110-240 До 1800


120-320 До 2450


150-430 До 3200


150-530 До 4000
*These characteristics are provided for information. Accurate data can be obtained upon request.
Additional equipment:
- explosion-proof, acid, protivolakoznoe performance of the cooling tower,
- Process control system with frequency Converter to control fan speed and temperature of cooling water,
- two speed motors,
- noise-reducing mats
- high base frame of steel hot-dip galvanizing to the installation of cooling towers,
adjustable louvers from galvanized steel,
- mechanical and automatic valves,
- pumping equipment,
- catchment tanks (using cooling towers with capacity of storage),
- equipment for water treatment,
reagents for water treatment (corrosion reagent and reagent-biocide).
The blocks of cooling towers can be installed several pieces in a row, which in turn allows you to ensure the reliability of the cooling system in General, because the derivation of the cycle of one unit to service, others may work, providing the cooling of the circulating water and thus supporting the production process of the enterprise in normal.
The primary advantage of cooling towers AKVA over traditional sectional is their mobility, speed of installation and high corrosion resistance.

Examples of work performed small-scale cooling towers series AKVA:

- поставка 4х градирен на ООО "Ликеро-водочный завод "ОША" г. Омск;

- система из 3х градирен АКВА 540 на БОВ-3 ООО "ЛУКОЙЛ - ВНПЗ";

- система из 7 градирен АКВА 540 на БОВ-1 ООО "ЛУКОЙЛ - ВНПЗ";

- водооборотный цикл из 8 градирен АКВА 540 на ОАО "Дорогобуж";

- МГУ, г.Москва. Система водооборотногоо водоснабжения с градирнями АКВА 240;

- ООО «Княжпогостский ДВП», Республика Коми. Реконструкция водооборотного цикла с градирнями АКВА 540.



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